The Electrical transformers manufacturing industry is an ongoing industry, which involve with electricity power because electric transformers are products used in transmission and distribution system. It is the basic fundamental energy crucial for the well- being of the people and drive country’s economy as a whole.

Tirathai recognizes its importance and strives to be a part in delivering sustainable electric energy along with being a good member of the society. The company conducts the business with awareness of collective responsibility towards the public, caring for the community, society, and environment as well as strengthen engagement with stakeholders and the public. The company has a corporate social responsibility performance as follows,

1. Good Corporate Governance

2. Fair Business Operation

3. Anti-Corruption

4. Respect for Human Rights

5. Fair Labour Practices

6. Responsibility to Consumers

7. Participation in Community and Society Development

8. Environmental Management

9. Innovation and dissemination of innovation from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

10. Preparation of Social and Environmental Reports