The Board of Directors has prioritized the right of shareholders; and the company has implemented the policy of corporate governance by taking into account the rights of shareholders as follows:

Structure of Shareholders

The company has organized clear and transparent structure of shareholding between the company and its subsidiaries; and has disclosed the names, numbers and shareholding ratios of major shareholders of the Company and its subsidiaries in Form 56-1 and the Annual Report.

Encouragement on the Exercise of Shareholders’ Rights

The company has practical procedures to maintain and protect the rights of shareholders. The company has determined the Good Corporate Governance policy with respect to the rights of shareholders and encouraging shareholders to exercise the basic rights and their fundamental rights after the trading of securities, rights to receive dividend, supervising the coordination between shareholders and the Registrar of Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. (TSD). The company has providing a responsible department to handle inquiries and to facilitate shareholders regarding the registration; the company has support the active roles of shareholders in the shareholders’ meetings, including the right to attend the meeting, the right to vote, and the expression of opinions so that shareholders will have active participation in considering the crucial matters. In addition, the company has policy to facilitate and encourage the shareholders and institutional investors to attend the shareholders’ meeting.

Facilitation the exercise of rights to attend the meeting and support the voting right of shareholders

The company facilitates the shareholders to attend the meeting and fully exercise their rights the voting right in meetings and has refrained from any actions, which may impair their opportunities to attend meetings; and has managed to promote the exercise of rights of shareholders before, during, and after the date of shareholders’ meetings. These adhere in compliance with principles and guidelines specified in “AGM Checklist”, prescribed by the Thai Investors Association, the Listed Companies Association, and the Securities and Exchange Commission by which, the company has been evaluated the arrangement of AGM 2019 at the level of 92%.