According to the resolution of the Board of Directors meeting No. 5/2019, held on 8 August 2019, the resolution was passed to approve the announcement of policies and intention regarding prevention of involvement in corruption, and set up a sub-committee namely Mr. Singha Nikornpun, Mr. Upakrom Thaweephoke, and Mrs. Sunan Santichotinan to proceed as follows,

  1. Draft policies concerning prevention of any corruption involvement.
  2. Announce policies concerning prevention of involvement in any corruption.
  3. Declare intent to participate in the anti-corruption campaign (Collection Action Coalition Against Corruption: CAC)

The company is in the process of continuously achieving the goal in accordance with the criteria including relevant laws. The announcement of the intention to become a Private Action Coalition Against Corruption (Collection Action Coalition Against Corruption: CAC) has achieved the company’s goal.