During the year 2011-2019, the Company and its subsidiaries have generated



The Company has 2 manufacturing plants; one for manufacturing power transformer and the second one for distribution transformer. At present, the Company is the sole local manufacturer of transformers in Thailand, which has manufactured both power transformers and distribution transformers and has received the transfer of manufacturing technology from Siemens Transformers Austria GmbH & Co KG (VA TECH EBG Transformatoren GmbH & Co) of Austria; and Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. of Japan, the world’s leading manufacturers of transformers.

During the fourth quarter of 2013, LDS won Signed the Engineering Procurement and Commissioning (EPC) contract for the Ashes and Gypsum Conveyor Belt System of the Hongsa Power plant at the Laos People’s Democratic Republic worth


The project had been completed in the third quarter of 2015. In compensation for on-going quality of the delivered work, on December 2014 LDS had awarded and signed the second contract, called the contract for Operation and Maintenance of the Conveyor Belt System to unloading soil (Waste Line 2) under the name of JV – N.D.P. (JV) This was worth 1,315 million baht. over the 4.5 years contract. These projects have enlarged the capability of the Company in business expansion into EPC of The Conveyor Belt System including services over the Operating and Maintenance for Power Plants, Mine, and every industry who uses Conveyor Belt System to support the growth potential to achieve the target of the Company.

JV L.D.S..N.D.P. (JV) (LDS hold shares 80% and TRT E&S 20%) established in 2014 according to new business expansion policy of the Company and its subsidiaries regarding the Operation and Maintenance Service, located at the same address as LDS. It’s core business is an Operation and Maintenance of Conveyor Belt System which JV had entered in to an agreement with Hongsa Power Co., Ltd in 2016 for Operation and Maintenance of Waste Line 2 with total project value of 1,315 million baht (or 300 million baht per year) and Operation and Maintenance of Ash and Gypsum Conveyor Belt System with value of 29 million per year with the project term of 4.5 years under the condition to renew the contract every 5 years through the project life. In September 2016, The JV had signed contract for Coal Conveyor System Service Agreement in relation to Hongsa Mine- Mount Power Project worth 24 million baht per year under the condition to renew the contract on a yearly basis through the project life.

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