Corporate Governance Policy

To achieve the company’s objectives of business operation; to create responsibility for performance in accordance with its duties; to form integrity base transparency; to increase sustainable business competitiveness; and to increase the confidence among stakeholders, the Board of Directors has determined the following corporate governance policies:

  • Conduct business with transparency, auditable, and disclose sufficient information to all related parties.
  • Manage the company’s businesses to the fullest capabilities with care in order to maximum the benefits for shareholders.
  • Establish a control and risk management system by conducting business with care and risk assessment and determine strategies for correction and monitoring risk management on a regular basis.
  • Treating shareholders and stakeholders equally and fairly to all parties.
  • Clearly structure the roles and responsibilities of each group of directors.
  • Encouraging executives and employees to work ethically in conducting business properly and righteously.


The company was listed on the MAI Stock Exchange on May 10th, 2006; whereas, the Board of Directors and executives of the company has its policy to operate businesses with transparency, to adhere to the principle of merit, and to comply with the law and the corporate governance policy of the company . Therefore, the company has implemented its corporate governance policy practices for the purposes of transparency and accountability; and has been disclosed sufficient information to all related parties. The company has reported the result of implementation of its good corporate governance principles. In 2020, in accordance with the good corporate governance principles of listed companies are as follows: